Company Name / Stainless Art Kyoei

President / Yoshihiro Nagatomo

Started / 1965

Address / Fujimi-shi Shimonanbata 3767-15 Saitama , Japan ( map → )

TEL / +81-(0)49-268-1155

E-Mail / info@sa-k.co.jp


Aircraft interior company

Machine manufacturing company

Prototype development company

Commercial and amusement facilities

Architectural and interior design company

Event promotion company

Digital Content & Marketing Company


1963 Kyoei Polishing founded in Itabashi Azusawa Tokyo, Japan by Sotogoro Kawabata
1965 April Workshop moves to Urawashi Nishibori (Currently Saitama City). At the same time, Yoshihide Nagatomo becomes president of company.
1970 April Workshop moves to Urawashi Michiba (Currently Saitama City).
1993 April Sheet metal division founded by senior managing director Yoshihiro Nagatomo
1999 September Install NC Turret Punching Press AMADA ARIES224
2001 February Move workshop to Asakashi Kamiuchimagi to focus on precision sheet metal manufacturing. At the same time founded Stainless Art Kyoei with capital of 3million yen.
2001 July Install NC Network Bender AMADA FBD III 1253
2002 October Install 2-D CAD/CAM AMADA AP100. Create network infrastructure and unify our company’s manufacturing process.
2003 September Install NC Turret Punching Press AMADA

April Install AMADA EM2510NT and improves productivity. Hire more programmers to compensate for larger orders. Install 2-D CAD/CAM AMADA AP100.

2005 December Install AMADA 3D CAD SolidWorks/SheetWorks to anticipate for future 3-D sheet metal technology.
2008 June Expand factory area and create assembly division to anticipate for future business expansion.
2008 November Designated as “Sai no Kuni” factory
2010 November Install Laser processing machine (with rotary index) FO MII NT